Friday, March 8, 2013

Mixed to Match

One of the things I came to realize working with Rachel Zoe is that unlike fashion where we’re told to break rules and take risks, interior design is filled with rules and parameters. We’re told what colors to combine, what patterns are popular or taboo, and even how many items to group together. Well, I personally DON’T subscribe to this school of thought. My goal on this blog is to encourage people to break rules and to challenge what they think they know about interior design.

One thing I personally love is mixing metals and finishes. How many times have you gotten dressed and thought, “CAN I wear brown with black? CAN I put on these gold earrings if I’m wearing silver rings and a necklace?” Those same questions arise when we turn to decorating our homes. How can we mix and match palettes that are by all existing rules “taboo”?

The answer is simple: BREAK THE RULES! You can combine almost anything in a tasteful, moderated way and make it look expensive and refined. Mixing metals in your home is a great way to get your feet wet. You can start small –accessories, small decor items, lighting fixtures – and then work your way up to the big stuff – furniture, textiles, wallpaper – as you get more comfortable.

I love using a variety of metals in the spaces I design: bronze, brass, gold, nickel, chrome. It gives an air of sophistication to a room. Use a dining room table with chrome legs along side a set of leather upholstered dining chairs with brass bases. Hang a pair of antiqued nickel sconce next to a mirror with a gold frame. Adorn a chrome bedside table with bronze picture frames or a brass tray for miscellaneous small items.

To get you moving on mixing and matching metals, here are some inspiration images and a few small pieces to help you start!

Mixed to Match Inspiration Images

Metallic Home Decor Items that Jeremiah Loves

Stixx End Tables  |  Z Gallerie  |  $399.00 for a set of 2
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Nate Berkus for Target Metallic Striped Vase  |  Target  |  $19.99
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Metallic Brush Pillow Covers  |  West Elm  |  $29.00
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4" x 6" Fidelio Frame  |  Christofle  |  $240.00
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